We do not just have monkeys at the monkeyschool. We also have many dogs. Most dogs have been rescued, quite a few have been dumped here.

Our dogs are usually free, but not all at once, because there are a few who are fighting with each other. If there is a monkey demonstration, we also lock the dogs. This has two reasons:

  • Not all visitors do like dogs
  • The monkeys are very fast distracted when the dogs walk around free

Compared to many dogs in Thailand our dogs look good and healthy. We have them vaccinated annually against Rabies (just like the monkeys), we deworm them every three months and give them monthly treatment against fleas, ticks and heartworms. Mostly with Ivermectin .

We only castrate our males when their behavior requires this. All our bitches have been sterilized.

We have an electric fence around the whole garden. This to keep our dogs inside, and to keep out visiting dogs.

All dogs we give a name ourselves have an animal name. We use English, Dutch and Thai. The only rules are that it should be a good dog name, so short, and good to call, and we must both be able to pronounce it.

Here a short description of our dogs


Tiger is our oldest dog. Tiger is a male. Tiger is usually free. The monkeys know him, and Tiger is very friendly to all visitors. Tiger is more than 16 years old. Tiger we have chosen 16 years ago.


Singh unfortunately passed away last year. Singh is Thai word for “Leo”. Singh was the only male that we had castrated. Before he was neutered, he was always on the hunt. He was not home for five days a week. Everyone in the neighborhood knew him. He also has a lot of offspring in the area. Once we equipped him with a location tracker. It showed that he traveled about 60km per day. Almost without stopping, at a fairly low pace. He slept somewhere between 02.00 and 03.00. He used our house as a center, without really coming home. The furthest he was from our house was about 2km. Singh died when he was 15 years old.

dog-tao (2)-min - Copy


Tao is the Thai word for Turtle. Tao lived in a forest together with her brother. We took them out of the forest and brought them here. Her brother was killed by a car on the road, shortly after he arrived here. That was the reason for us to make the electric fence. Tao is quite a skittish dog. Not too friendly for visitors. She is always locked up when we have visitors. Tao is a very good hunter. She attacks everything she thinks that does not belong here, and continues until the opponent is dead. Usually rats, and snakes. But cats are not safe for her either.

Draak, Moo and Pla . Moo and Draak are brothers, Pla is the sister. Moo is the Thai word for pig. Pla is the Thai word for fish.

This is Draak:

Draak is the Dutch word for Dragon. Draak is very friendly to us. He is often strolling in the garden, together with his brother Moo, and Tao. He usually ignores visitors.

This is Moo:

Moo thinks he is very big. He will bark furiously towards visitors. He does not threaten. But we lock him as a precaution when we expect visitors.

This is Pla:

Pla is our most fearful dog. She is very afraid of our other dogs. She only comes into the garden when the other dogs are locked up. That means that usually when we have visitors, she will come out. She will sometimes be barking at you, but will not bite.

Beer and Kat

Beer and Kat, Beer is the Dutch word for bear, and Kat is the Dutch word for cat, were born here in the street at a company. On the same day, from different mothers, but probably the same father. Kat is a ridgeback. A sweet little bitch. She has puppy scabies (Dermodex), and in her case, it can not be treated. We have really done a lot. She gets Bravecto, and that keeps it a bit in control.

The half brother of Kat is Beer. Beer is completely black, except for a minuscule white tip on his tail. Beer is only free at night, because he fights with all other dogs, except with Kat and Pla. When we come downstairs in the morning, he always takes my T-shirt and runs around with it.

Dolphin, Whale and Shark, 2 Brothers (Whale and Shark), and a sister, (Dolphin). They were born to neighbors who called us with the question if we wanted to have puppies. No, we did not want to, but Jai went to watch, and you should not do that.


She took three of them.


and Whale can be separated from each other because of the white socks of Shark. Everyone who comes to us will see Shark because he is always on the balcony to guard the lot.


Whale has a bad bark, and barks a lot, especially when we have visitors. We therefore usually lock him up in the house when there are visitors. And that helps, he is silent then.

Jung and Palm, Palm is the only dog that we have given a name ourselves, what is not an animal name. Jung is the Thai word for mosquito. When they were about three weeks old they where put in a bag, with four brothers or sisters and thrown over our fence. Much too young to be taken away from their mother. Jung is a rather fat dog, always very happy. Palm is a very nice looking dog. But he lacked upbringing from his mother. He does not know how to behave. He always growls at us, even if he is happy. He has never whipped his tail. He attacks visitors. We always lock him up.


Jung loves sunbathing, and love to lay down in a cage.


Palm is a very muscular dog, who is really beautiful. Unfortunately, he is very unfriendly towards visitors.


Vos is our Malinois. Vos, is the Dutch word for fox, and was born on 3 July 2016, at Kenny Rao in Indonesia.

Vos is the first dog that I have ever bought in my life. Vos therefore has a pedigree. Vos is mostly free, and is happy with every visitor, because he hopes that there will be played. Vos loves water.


Bokita (mother, 11 years old), Herta (Son, 8 years) and Denka (daughter, also 8 years old). Are Dutch Shepherds. Our latest acquisition. Are dumped with us by a Dutchman who did not want to take care of them anymore. When they came to us, they were badly neglected, and extremely aggressive . They had about 10,000 ticks per dog, were full of worms. Immediately upon arrival we gave them Ivermectin , antiworm tablets and rabies shots. A Bravecto tablet a week later. It took more than a week before we found no ticks on them anymore. Miraculously, they did not have blood parasites. Especially Herta is very strong, and aggressive towards everything and everyone.


Herta has begun his stay with us badly. On the third day at our place he developed a GDV (a rotated stomach) usually deadly for dogs within two hours. We noticed in the evening that there was something wrong, but found only the next morning that it was serious. We went to the vet, and she immediately decided on an emergency surgery. Herta died when she started the surgery. But this was the right time, and on the right place. The vet could retrieve him. The next morning she called me, asking if I could come, because Herta could not be approached. Very aggressive. I thought that was a good sign in itself. The next day I could take him home. Three days later, Mr.  had another GDV, we recognized it and were soon at the vet. The vet decided it was better to keep him with her for three days. That meant that I had to go to the clinic twice a day to let him walk and give medication. When he was home again, he immediately attacked another dog, this happened with so much violence (I had him on the leash) that the wound teared open. His stomach contents was on the street … .. Again to the vet, again operated. And now the wound naturally started to ignite. But we have to say honestly, we have a good dog now. Kind to us, very watchful, and very protective for us.


Denka can run free, but we have to supervise.

Bokita can in the meantime just walk free, and is always very enthusiastic towards us. Herta also and Denka are not aggressive towards us.