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The Monkey Training College, “The First Monkey School”, located in Surat-Thani, Thailand offers:

Monkey School

A first-class educational and fun demonstration with trained monkeys, as well as demonstration classes with monkeys that are still being trained in different stages of their study.


You can stay overnight in our chalets, where you can experience a lovely homestay right in the vicinity of the monkey students. You will find all modern conveniences on the spot and great Thai food is served. Optionally, we provide excursions and transport in the neighborhood.


About Mr. Somporn

Since 1957, Mr. Somporn has been teaching monkeys to climb trees and pick coconuts. As his parents were coconut farmers, Somporn experienced the traditional use of monkeys for the harvest of coconuts. These monkeys were often beaten by their owners when they didn’t perform as expected (e.g. when they left ripe coconuts on the tree). This gave him the idea to teach monkeys in a better way. His Buddhist teacher Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhadasa) encouraged him to teach monkeys positively, without the use of force or violence.

We do not just have monkeys at the monkeyschool. We also have many dogs and a beautiful garden.

Our Dogs

We also have many dogs. Most dogs have been rescued, quite a few have been dumped here. Our dogs are usually free, but not all at once, because there are a few who fight with each other.


We also have a large garden. Of course, the coconut trees will be the first trees you see. We try to make our garden look varied and a bit attractive, so we certainly do not have a coconut production plantation.